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Senior Insurance in Chicago

As time goes on, protecting your legacy as well as your family’s financial security becomes increasingly important. Planning for the future is never easy, especially as you are getting older. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to reject senior citizen insurance applications based solely on their age. But at Seniors Insurance Choices, we make sure that seniors in Chicago are getting the insurance they need for themselves and their families.

The experienced agents at Seniors Insurance Choices are dedicated to providing personalized service that nets you affordable coverage by making sense of today’s overwhelming insurance market. Finding the right plan for you is what Seniors Insurance Choices does best.

If you are about to turn 65, or you are older and you need insurance, call (312) 218-9511 to speak to a Seniors Insurance Choice representative today.

Life Insurance for Seniors

Life insurance, also known as final expense insurance, is not an easy topic to talk about. However, overcoming this initial awkwardness is so important in the long run.

Whereas some insurance brokers won’t touch a senior citizen life insurance policy, at Seniors Insurance Choices we are proud to call it our specialty. We offer coverage for seniors between the ages of 50 and 80 in Chicago and surrounding areas.

Our insurance experts will walk you through all the available options, which can include:

  • Covering burial costs
  • Probate expenses
  • Outstanding debts
  • Medical bills

At Senior Insurance Choice, we understand and are sensitive to the fact that you may not want to think about the future in these morbid terms. However, you owe it to your family to protect them even after you’re gone.

Whenever you are ready to talk about a senior life insurance policy, please pick up the phone and call (773) 343-1978 to speak to one of our insurance experts now.

Assessing Your Senior Insurance Needs

Seniors Insurance Choices employs a team of insurance experts that will serve as your personal advisors by providing full needs assessments while assisting you with determining the level or risk in key areas that may require special consideration. Clients can count on our insurance experts to provide objective need and risk evaluations, and inform you of the many options available according to your budget, including:

  • Medicare
  • Medicare supplemental insurance
  • Medicare advantage
  • Prescription drug plans
  • Final expense insurance
  • Annuity
  • Dental and vision insurance
  • Retirement plans
  • Long-term care

If you don’t require individual or umbrella health-related insurance, our team of trusted insurance professionals can also help you find car, home or renter insurance.

Regardless of the coverage you require, Senior Insurance Choices is here to help you get the financial protection you need. We have helped thousands of Chicago seniors get the affordable coverage they need so that they can enjoy their golden years with peace of mind.

It’s perfectly natural to feel a little overwhelmed by the options. If you’re not sure where to begin, don’t waste your time sifting through hundreds of pages of confusing legal documents. Call (773) 343-1978 today.

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